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Infrared Thermography for dogs,
horses and other species

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Preparing for a
Thermal imaging session

Dogs should not be walked within an hour prior to the session.
Please do not groom your dog within 20 minutes of the session as this can increase blood flow. Your dog should be clean of mud and dry as this can affect imaging. Please do not clip or strip your dog within 24 hours of the session. Do not use any grooming products, liniments, etc, within 24 hours of the session either, unless under Veterinary instruction.
NOTE: Heavily coated breeds are insulated by their coats and this can affect detail of imaging.
Remove jackets/sweaters at least 20 minutes prior to the session.
Do not allow your dog to sunbathe, lay in front of a fire, or in front of an AC vent as all of these can cause false positives or negatives on images.
Please make a note of all medications and/or supplements your dog is on as some can affect blood flow and imaging. You will be asked for the list at the session.
       Please prepare an area for imaging. This is usually indoors. It needs to be out of the sun and free of draughts as these can cause changes in temperature. We may even ask for lights to be turned off. The imager works fine in the dark.
       External temperatures are always noted, and programmed into the camera and computer software used to analyze the images. This allows correction, and eliminates potential problems in interpreting images